3 step meal prep

When you are starting with meal prep, you need to ask yourself why you are choosing to prepare your meals in advance. This is the first and foremost step to meal prep. You can’t start with preparing each and every meal of the upcoming week together at the same day and this is why you need to identify your pain points. See if it is the healthy breakfast that you are trying to achieve so you are aware of pre boiling eggs and preparing oats. Maybe you want to stop spending so much on lunch and this is why you should prepare whole week’s lunch box in advance so that you don’t give yourself an excuse to spend extra money and instead save in. While you may be a working person who is always tired to sleep when they reach home and this is why they end up with take out or delivery when you could’ve actually prepared the dinner in advance and only a heat up would be needed.

The next step is to choose meal plans Dubai. They are packed with all the necessary ingredients that are needed and you can prepare half cooked half raw food in advance. If you are wondering what could be the recipes that would taste good whole week without giving a stale hint or making you barf it all out even after proper cooking then you need to head over to internet and surf for some delicious meal prep recipes and you will be good to go.

The third step is to combine the plan and ingredients into physical state and get going with preparing the dishes. Don’t waste time on weekends binging videos and movies as you can still do that while preparing. That’s called multitasking. You will be astonished to see how easy your life has become since you have started preparing dishes in advance. You can either give it a try once or see how the week goes or maybe meal prep a day before. That is also a good option if you don’t wish to store boxes of whole week in your fridge and it would still be counted as meal prep, because idea is to make things easier for you and not to stand out in the competition.

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