A complete guide of a good firm

A complete guide of a good firm

If you want to make your firm a good one then you have to put so much effort in that otherwise you cannot compete with the other famous architecture firms in Dubai. When you want to start your mechanical engineering Company in Dubai then you have to first register it with the company’s registrar office. You have to submit all of your documents and after verification they will provide you the license of working. You will them officially allowed to start business and recruitments. If you want your company to be the best then you have to apply few rules in your company office and following are some suggestions for you:

Equality: The first rule should be the equal treatment for all of the employees, whether they are managers or peons. Rules should be equal to all of them and if any of the employees break the rule then he should be punished equally. Like if a manger take a leave without permission and without informing then his one day salary should be deducted and same should go for the peons and office boys too.

Open space: You have to provide open space where the employees can interact with each other without feeling fear of any kind. Each and every employee should respect the other one without decrementing on the basis of their rank in the office.

On job training: If you want to make your firm go on the upper level and become the most famous one then you have to provide your employees on job training. This will help those understanding new challenges of the world and it will prepare them for those challenges. If you do not provide them this training and only think about the money which you have to spend in this training then you will never compete your rivals who are providing this facility to their employees.

Incentives: You have to provide different incentives to your employees who deserve that. For these incentives you have to first set a certain criteria for all of the employees and then you have to distribute it. One way of incentive is for all of the employees that they will get increased salary after every few years but another one should be there which task based incentives.