Countries Where It’s Hard to Acquire Permanent Citizenship

There was a time when people used to say that getting a United States nationality is the most difficult but now times have changed people are becoming U.S. nationals fast and in easy ways. But there are countries who have made their policies really hard to pass by that is because they want their country to be safe and only people who can afford it should go. But some companies also offer refugees different favors or people who are athletes. Some apply for study visa and apply for immigration there and most countries invite businesses and with them employees are recruited.

But there are countries who have difficult policies even in such cases too. First is the Vatican City, it has 500 citizens and 850 residents making it the smallest country on Earth. This is because they have the hardest immigration policies in the world. To get their nationality, you have to be very holy. So holy that you have be a living cardinal in Rome or you have to be a diplomat who is representing any Holy organization. Or you have to be a worker of a church and there are thousands of verification steps for that. These rules are made by the Library of Congress. Qatar is said to be the country of the kings and if your father is not a Qatari then you cannot be one too. And by any chance if you have a vintage of 25 years in Qatar without 2 consecutive years of leaving the country, only then you will be naturalized. According to Doha news, every year Qatar naturalizes 50 foreigners.

UAE is known as the country of dreams and again if you don’t have an Emirati father or a mother than you cannot be a citizen of this country. But if you have 30 years of vintage in the country then you can become a citizen. Even if the person is naturalized from Oman, Qatar or Bahrain, still UAE will grant only 3 years of citizenship. However, locals from other gulf countries can get 7 years of residency visa in UAE. Kuwait is among those countries who have the highest currency and according to their law, if you have vintage of 20 years in other gulf countries and only if you are a Muslim, you will be then granted with the citizenship.

Well, if you can’t devote so many years in a country or you can’t change your religion, then you can at least get the 30 days Dubai visa. People will welcome you like a king. But if you get a work permit during your stay and you can have visa change by bus as well.