Debunking your favourite mattress Myths

There are myths everywhere. Every person has their own perspective on everything and it sometimes becomes very hard and frustrating to look past all the myths and search for the truth, but don’t worry as we will be debunking some of the most famous mattress Dubai myths that have been around in our society and learn the real reason behind them.

Myth no.1: It is necessary to replace mattress every 8 years

They say that you must keep changing your mattress every 7-10 years but the truth is, it is not necessary. Yes you heard that right. In reality, the lifespan of mattresses keep varying considering their quality and how you use it. Anything which is used the correct way and taken care with patience, then it will last longer than you have expected it to. Consider it as your car. If you use it wisely and keep its routine maintenance in check, then you will not be troubled with its unexpected issues, in fact it will surprise you.

Myth no.2: Firm mattress is the only mattress that will prevent from back aches

Uh no! This is absolutely wrong. A good mattress is the one which settles you into your favourite sleeping spot the moment you lay down on it. There is no such rule regarding the fact that only firm mattress will be best for your back as it is hard and provides support. Yes, some people find comfort in firm beds but that does not mean that what worked for them will work for you as well.

Myth no. 3: You will sleep like a baby first night on your new mattress

This is hardly the case for the majority of people. When you buy your new mattress, it will take at least 1 month to adjust to the new surface considering that your old mattress was in an old wear off condition which you must’ve been used to, but this new mattress will have better features which will require you to spend more time sleeping on it in order to get adjusted to its new level of smoothness.

Thank God mattresses are something which we don’t have to worry about buying too often or else with new technology evolving each day, it would become a nuisance to take care of all the factors.

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