Quick guide to Mixed Martial Art (MMA)

Quick guide to Mixed Martial Art (MMA)

Martial art is one of those things which make people fall in love with its choices which is also an overwhelming part of it. When someone is new to this field they must face utter confusion wondering which of martial art should be their first pick. People who started from a single martial art either ended up being the experts of it or went through the wide range of martial arts experiencing each single one of them and loving it. We have got a quick guide to MMA classes Abu Dhabi to help you pick the one which is best for you.

Types of Mixed Martial Art

  • Boxing

Boxing is a sport that has been enjoyed and celebrated most in the history and while many martial artists may not include it in the list it is still one of the purest forms of martial art as it teaches an effective self defence technique with perfect hand and body coordination and movements. Boxing class in Abu Dhabi has been famous for teaching this sport and people seem to love it as it does not specify any type or gender and it is something which is recommended for everyone to try at least once in their life.

  • Jiu Jitsu

Jiu jitsu is the first martial art that people should opt for if they want to get a stronger grip in the field. Jiu jitsu basically teaches self defence through grappling techniques involving joint locks and chokeholds. People who learn this art have had successful self defence experiences in real life where they were able to defeat a stronger and heavier assailant with the proper technique.

  • Karate

Karate took the world with whirlwind through 60s and 70s by popular movies where fights were based on karate style. It is a type of martial art which not only attracts people through movies but it is also going to be seen in Olympics in the coming years. Karate is more of a fighting style than the traditional MMA where self defence matters more unlike karate where controlling emotions such as anger is an important technique learned.

There are many other options and these are just the ones to introduce you to MMA where you learn some very important martial art skills.