Types Of Transportation

Types Of Transportation

From the beginning of the humanity. People need transportation for their use. Some people use transportation facilities for traveling and some people use transportation facilities for sending shipments. For instance, normally big exporter use sea ships in order to send big orders to the other countries while some people use sea ships in order to travel by their own for having fun.

Oil industry mainly depends on the transportation facilities. There is a big use of trucks for oil deliveries within the country. Most of the vehicle need oil for running and without oil it is not possible for oil based vehicles. People are finding the new ways of transportation which are environment friendly. Electric transports have been introduced for the same purpose. There are electric bikes and electric cars who runs on electricity and are pollution free. Our planet earth is facing too much problems due to air pollution and most of the part of the pollution comes from oil based vehicle. In Japan people use cycles as a transport in order to avoid pollution. So, everyone in the world prefer to use electric or any other alternative pollution free vehicle. There is a big hurdle for environment friendly vehicles is that they are not efficient enough as the oil based vehicles are. So, it take some time to convert whole oil based vehicle industry into environment friendly vehicle industry. There are three types of transportations which are used in the world that are by sea, by road and by air transport.

Sea transportation is normally used for sending things to other places. Some people use it for getting fishes for food. Some people are using for having fun. Sea ships are normally used in order to send business shipments to other countries like oil, food, clothes, electronic items, machineries, raw materials etc. There are so many companies in the world who provide sea transportation facilities. Sea ships require some special staff to run the ship like captain of the ship, mechanics, engineers, kitchen staff, maintenance staff etc. 

The other transportation is used in land transport. Land transport includes cycle, skates, skateboards, motor bike, cars, trucks etc. Cars are most favorite amongst the people. Every transport need maintenance and repair work. You can find some experts for Porsche suspension repair in Dubai in your city who provide good quality services. See here for more details.