5 minutes foods for breakfast
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5 minutes foods for breakfast

We all love our teeth and we all want them to remain strong and healthy for our whole life. Do you wish for strengthened teeth that can give you beautiful smile?  

If yes, then it is a good thing but wishing is not enough. You have to work hard for it. You need to change your lifestyle, your eating habits, your diet plan and everything which can bring positive change in your mouth health otherwise you have to go for dental implant in Dubai and look for dental veneers Dubai all around internet to find the cheapest dental service.

You are required to have wholesome and rich breakfast. Breakfast is the first meal of the day. It should be nutritious. You have variety of foods to eat in breakfast. 

Are you still confused? If yes, then read below and find the foods you can prepare in morning! 

  1. Omelette: It is nutritious food you can have in breakfast. It is easy to make and eat. All you have to do is mix egg and cut vegetables in a bowl and pour the mixture in pan. Fry it and have it with a simple decent juice which you can prepare within a minute. And if your routine is tough, then mix egg and veg in a small mug and place the mug in microwave for two minutes. You can eat this mug omelette with spoon by sprinkling some spices on it or mint leaves to add more flavours in it. 
  2. Smoothie: It is the easiest thing and freshening to. All you have to do is to put bananas, milk and favourite fruits in a mixer or juice. Switch it. It will blend all of them together to make thick paste like healthy liquor. You can have it with fruit salad or with digestive biscuits that sugar free.  
  3. Sandwich: There are s many kinds of sandwiches you can make. They are easy to make if you have sandwich maker. What you have to do is to place your favourite veg and meaty thing with cheese between the two breads and place them in sandwich maker for three minutes. Let it get brown and red so that t would taste crispy. Have it with juice or smoothie. You can even have it with mango shake too. 

Boiled eggs: If you are not egg hater, then you can even boil eggs for your breakfast too. You can have them with porridge or oats to make it yummy and mouth-watering because boiled eggs, alone, are unable to attract you to have them.