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Importance of Root Canal

The need of root canal can start from as simple as a pain in the gums or maybe there are no symptoms at all but you tooth needs an urgent root canal.

The most prominent symptom in patients who required a root canal was of pain. Now, if you have a toothache then maybe it is a good sign as it can mean that your tooth is still alive, but in a very crucial condition. You may feel severe pain while having something hot and cold, but being more sensitive to hot can be a worse sign as well. Your tooth can start hurting at such severe heights that it can lead up to equally painful headache leading patients even forget the part of body where the pain even emerged from.

This pain can also initiate in the middle of the night or when you are not even using that side of your gums for eating and chewing kind of activities.

The scary part comes in when your tooth is completely dead and you feel pain when you chew and eat or maybe put pressure. This can lead to bleeding and swelling in gums, or swelling on more prominent part of the body and face, such as the jaws, cheek or neck. If you have these symptoms then you deserve an immediate treatment – a call to an ambulance and directly in the emergency room – take action before it takes one on you.

Make sure that before you decide on a root canal treatment in Dubai you take opinion of pediatric dentist in Dubai so that you don’t confuse a symptom with another problem which can cause some more serious problems.

Another time when you will need a root canal is when you sense a pimple on the outer sides of your gum. Yes this is exactly as disgusting as it sounds. This pimple will sometimes even drain pus which will be pretty noticeable and the patient will feel a bad taste in their mouth. If you let it be as it is, it can grow, affecting the bones around your gum, weakening it as the day passes by. In olden days, several people died from this gum pimple which was a major cause of death in early 19s. We should be thankful of all the technologies that have prevailed, helping us cure several life threatening diseases.